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Store your usernames and passwords in a safe place and keep them close at hand
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Store your usernames and passwords in a safe place and keep them close at hand. Password Safe Pro is a practical and easy-to-use software tool that generates a database where you can put and save all your important usernames and passwords, and retrieve them whenever you need to, so that you will never need to remember them again.

The first time you run this program, it will ask you for a master username and password, which will become the only ones you will need to remember in the future. The main window of the program is very nice and well-designed, and allows you to add new entries, edit or delete the existing ones, and even print them. When you create a new entry, you can add a description to the username and the password, an optional expiration date, any personal comments, and the URL of the associated website or online service. In addition, this module also provides you with a password generator that allows you to choose the password's length, and to use mixed uppercase and lowercase characters together with numbers.

All your entries are listed on a little panel, and when you select one, the associated information is displayed on a similar panel, from where you can select and copy any piece of information. The URL stored with each entry is always displayed as a link. Unfortunately, all this information - including the password - is displayed in human-readable format, so that there is always a chance that some unauthorized person might see your password. Besides that, the program does not allow you to copy the username and/or the password to the clipboard. However, as a safety measure, the program may close itself automatically after a period of inactivity that you can customize.

The program can be configured through the "System" link, which opens a new window where you can back up or restore your passwords database, adjust the time for the program to shut down, change the master password, check for updates automatically, import a database created with a previous version, or clear all previously stored data. The program does not include any help files, but you can access a series of video training sessions, which are also published on their website.

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  • Nice and well-designed user interface
  • Includes a configurable password generator
  • Allows you to back up and restore your password database
  • Automatically shuts itself down after a configurable period of inactivity
  • Checks for updates automatically
  • Includes a series of video training sessions published on their website


  • All the information of your entries (including the password) is displayed in human-readable format
  • Does not allow you to copy your usernames and/or passwords to the clipboard
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